The History of TUDOR

THE TUDORS ORIGINS - Hans Wilsdorf’s intuition was both simple and brilliant: at the time, the market for wristwatches was growing rapidly. The public was completely open to recognising and appreciating a product of which the technical and functional characteristics, as well as the distribution, were guaranteed by a watch brand that was established and well-known all over the world for the quality of its production. Initially accompanied by Rolex, TUDOR swiftly made a name for itself, to the point where it soon completely separated from the brand with a crown.

THE TUDOR SUBMARINERS - In 1954, TUDOR set out on a new path which would contribute to forging its legend. It was in that year that the brand’s first divers’ watch, the TUDOR Oyster Prince Submariner reference 7922, saw the light of day. Designed from its origin to fulfil exceptional criteria of durability, reliability, precision and waterproofness at a moderate price, it quickly positioned itself as an instrument of choice for professionals. Over the next 45 years this original tool-watch continuously evolved to ever better meet the specific requirements of the many types of divers who were clients of the brand.

THE TUDOR CHRONOGRAPHS - For nearly half a century, TUDOR has left its mark on the history of chronographs with products of strong identity, unique style and uncompromising quality. By proving equal to the task, by kindling passion, by constantly improving its products and by offering models clearly belonging to their era but retaining their own distinct identity, TUDOR has earned a place apart in the field of sports chronographs, embodied in the development of four successive families of products.